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Adiuvo provides it’s clients with marketing solutions ranging from print design to custom websites or video production. Adiuvo does not charge projects on a project-by-project basis, but instead has set up a subscription service where a customer signs up and is billed on a monthly basis. Once signed up, each customer will have access to a work request portion of the website that Adiuvo uses to manage their requests and time spent.

With all packages, Adiuvo also provides website hosting and email services. Each account will be allotted 6GB disk space that is used for hosting web files and e-mail combined.

Based on the package a customer signs up for, they are allotted certain aspects such as website design and print design along with a specified amount of time that can be used for changes which is reset on a quarterly basis.

Adiuvo has the right to refuse work from it’s customers if the request is for materials that promotes / encourages illicit or illegal material. If a request comes in which does not comply with Adiuvo’s protocol, the customer will be notified.

Packages are set up as a subscription which is billed on a monthly basis. Each month a payment will automatically be paid to Adiuvo until the customer decides to cancel.

Cancellation may occur at any time through the website in their “my account” section. Once an account is cancelled customers no longer have the right to use website materials and they also give up the right to use any video, print, or photograph assets that have been provided by the Adiuvo Solution Specialists in a period of 6 months or less prior to their cancellation.

Upon cancellation a buy out agreement may be obtained to which the customer pays a set fee to continue using the materials they require.